Now that YouTube has expanded it video uploads to 2GB, this presents a good opportunity for businesses to upload videos about their products or services and how it provides value to the viewer. So will this new limit entice you to use YouTube for your marketing promotion?

I think that limit is quite sufficient because people won't want to watch the long documentaries/video presentations.

Yeah, People won't want to watch the long presentation but it gives benefit for advertising......

Very good point. But if the vendor/business decides to upload instructional videos on how to use the technology/product, it now has the option to upload bigger files.

However, uploading a 2 GB video may take me forever...

With the technology evolving (and the infrastructure and connection speeds ever increasing) I think it's a no brainer:
If you post something of value (personal or commercial) people will gladly spend the time and money to watch it. For example online product demo's. This in itself could be a cost saver in many ways? The people that put 2gb worth of non sense onto youtube will be waisting there money with only themselves watching it. We are a smart people, held back by a money hungry world.

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