Here is a list of over 150 Do Follow Blogs for you to utilize. You can comment in the posts of these blogs for high quality back links. I have not included the PR of all the blogs, however I did put my favorite blogs towards the top of the list. Enjoy.

tamimadam commented: really nice job! thanx! +0

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Thanks for the list. Have already worked through my last one!

Yeah, this is a compliation of several lists I have found, and some other sites that weren't on any lists.


Great I will be adding this to my do follow blog list! :)

some blogs are not working anymore.. but good list though, thanks a lot :)

Wow that is a great list. Thanks for sharing it. Are you sure that those blogs approve blog comments quicker without huge delay?

Excellent resource, Thanks for sharing wonderful blog.

Very nice list bro thank for sharing here

Hi, Thanks for the list.


It's really a nice list. However, it would be better if you can bifurcate list according to niche.

Is it okay to share my own blog as well?

We should definitely be on that list ;)

Great compilation, Dans. Thanks!

This is great, thanks for the list.

Good list here bro thanks for sharing

I use Firefox plugin, this addon will highlight links in a page according to nofollow / dofollow status. It's pretty easy & simple and I never had a problem with it.

although this may be too late for commenting, but this list is very useful for me for building my page rank, thanks a lot.

that is really kind of you

nice list. But don't you think we are spamming here.


but how to know these are do follow or no follow there any tool to know or other way

it is always very hard to find some good blogging sites. thanks for sharing the nice list.

Thanks for sharing the list..Dofollow blog commenting is helpful in increasing pagerank and quality backlinking

Wow!!! Amazing list you have compiled. I am working on a similar one I want to have 1,000 of them with auto approval.

Searching a do follow blogs really a headache, very hardly I get the blogs and other thing they live the post.

Thank you for the great source of more backlinks. They will really help me to achieve my goals.

great list you have not mentioned the page rank of blogs. anyways it is ok

thank you to Share them

Thanks you for this nice list... really i was looking for such list.

Thanks for sharing the list. I always use dofollow blogs to increase my backlinks ;)

very good blog. Better if the PR values are attached.

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