Hi all,
We are about to regester a domain name for a small business.

My question is this: does the domain name have any effect on its visibility to search engines?

So, if I were selling, say, car parts, would the name
www.carparts.com be better than www.CPMarketing and a web site with lots of keywords, goggleadwords, etc?

So if this is a bit basic but I'd like to get it right from the start.

Thanks to those who take the trouble to assist.


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It would be helpful to a certain extent to have your major keyword phrase be in the domain name. That falls under my motto "every possible advantage".

YES ... YES .. YES...

The keywords in your domain name play a big role in helping you get found in the search engines.

See this video I did on selecting a domain name:

You want a business name that describes your business and its identity. I recommend you to think of your business branding and associated keywords.

The keywords in your domain name play a big role in helping you get found in the search engines.

They do play a role, although not a "big" role. particularly in a competitive arena. It's not a magic bullet. If that were true everyone with a keyword rich domain name would rank well for the keywords, which is certainly not the case. It's just one of the many factors used to help with your rankings.

They do play a role, although not a "big" role.

While I don't disagree that in the end if you're selling penis pills, weight loss or some other competitive market, many other things beyond the domain name will be put into play to achieve top page ranking, but really ...

For most markets, I think it plays a lot more than one might think, it's the first and easiest thing to rank for and one of the big reasons that you hear about people paying thousands and even some times millions of dollars for generic keyword domains.

A good portfolio of keyword domains with specific focus, that combine to create a link wheel of relevant domains, all linking back to the main focus site (your primary company site) can be a very powerful marketing strategy.

Check the domains for sale at places like buydomains.com and tdnam.com you'll see that generic names are still selling steadily.

Domain name will help visitors know what your sites' all about..

domain like the first impression of people and SE of u
so it is definitly advised ti have youe keyword in ur domian name

and in ur post, I do think it is unnecessary to capitalized ur domian in the middle
probably, the SE will correct it to the common ones I guess

For me, The domain name is the most important thing to consider when building a new website...

A well-defined domain name can provide tremendous advantages for an online business, including the added benefit of boosting performance in the search engines. Simple, easily-recognized domains convey professionalism and trust to search engine users.

Above all else, your domain name should reflect what your web site is all about. Pick a Domain Name that Contains Your Web Site's Keywords.

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