Is anyone else using Magento ?

I want to make a list of website using the magento CMS

using a javascript which display the website screenshot in a box 400 pixels

like that:

Are the any real shops setup using this ? I tested out and although it has some nice features the admin section was just to slow and ackward to use as a professional option.

Are the any real shops setup using this ? I tested out and although it has some nice features the admin section was just to slow and ackward to use as a professional option.

I am sure there are. Given the number of sites which use osCommerce, it is unlikely that there would not be SOMEONE out there who will use Magento live. Consider also that the project is under a year old and only generated its first release in September of 2007. Magento is new, and complex, but appears to offer great promise ....

It's my first time I heard that tool...not tried yet and even know how it works.

Should be very interesting. While documentation is still a bit thin on the ground, its basis in Zend Framework should offer the opportunity for more consistent coding styles and techniques to be implemented. Core, Community and Local code spaces just might result in code that is easier to maintain cleanly than osCommerce.


there are lot of features available in magento some of points i denoted below
Magento’s flexibility allows us to modify existing features or add in new ones. Drupal now has an extension for Magento which helps integration of Magento into a Drupal based website. If you are converting from another platform, there are tools which allows you to import products, customers and order information from other carts such as OSCommerce and X-Cart.


Yah, Magneto can easily allow you such introduction of products.

Yes many people do use them for ecommerce.

I've used them to build a store but I ended up paying a php speciaclist to have it realy function and look good..way too complicated

This is something new for me and i haven't used it but here i got some idea about it and would like to try to learn it.

Magento takes some time to get use to. You have have to build up experience with the application before it becomes natural to use. Its not like a turn key solution like yahoo, or other web based applications. But it does have many useful options and features.

Ok..I finally gave up on Magento. so frustrating, paid $45 for an Ecommerce template that looks ok and it looks terrible after appling it..does anyone has an idea what to do?

Magento is growing very popular now a days as a solution for e-commerce. It is easy to install and use and you will find a lot of tutorials for this.

And it is completely free. You do have a large varieties of choices for your store themes. You can find some amazing themes for FREE as well.

Yes, we have designed and development few sites in Magento. We have choosen Magento because it offers large numbers of products to be managed efficiently.

magento is good for integrating CMS

Of course there are a lot of magento platform users. It is the leading ecommerce solution platform today and we have a lot of clients and partners using magento. It offers great experience to your magento store.

Magento is the great CMS platform for eCommerce websites and I prefer it for that. Its also an open source platform and easy to use and install. I like the feature of it.

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