2008 has seen a global acknowledgement of social media as one of the most important marketing tool for a business. The trend is only set to explode further in 2009 as a majority of late entrants rush to social networking websites. Time is however limited, and there is only so much a website owner can do.

Social networking websites to watch out for in 2009 for building your online profile

I think twitter is one of the social networking phenomena to watch. Recently Twitter has been in the news more that once with real world examples of organisational usage.

My Experience with Twitter:
I started using Twitter about 6 months ago. The immediate use or benefit was not evident at start but we nevertheless created a Twitter profile with the aim of promoting our web design company. Our Twitter community has grown steadily and we now have about 200 followers.

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I've also had some success with twitter... mostly i friend those within my industry and/or related interests and then post links that i've developed that might be of interest to them... Overall, i don't have a whole lot of traffic coming from twitter (maybe 20 visits a week) but do have roughly 60 visitors so far. Perhaps i should become more aggressive with it to see what results i could achieve... What other tactics are people using on twitter that have been successful?

Twitter is really workable. I used it some days ago and it help me a lot. I want to know the other benefits and techniques that other people achieved through using Twitter. It is really a good social networking phenomenon. thanks for sharing.

Linkedin is excellent, but it is not as trivial as Twitter.

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