I have seen so many ads for marketing plan consultants and templates. Have you used such services . And most of all, was it successful in helping your business get its idea across for investors and funding?

I went to Craigslist and found many marketing plan consultants. I wonder how can you measure or assess which one is good for your business?

One of my friend suggested me to visit the SNIP site to get more information on marketing and financial business. Really it was very useful for me. I found many good marketing consultants. They guided me in a better way to get success in business. They were really helpful for me. They are experts in their business. To get a good financial advisor and marketing consultant please visit the below site.


If I hire someone, then I will hire them do for me from the beginning to the end, not just make a plan for me!:D

Not yet, because I think the people who know your site, your budget and your ambition best is yourself!!

So I just do it all by myself, but professional advice is also highly appreciated!