Yes, i use skypre

Yeap i agree with all post. Because i am using skypee form many years and i like it. The feather it's updated in last year is awesome.

Yes,I use skype for many years.It is good talk tool.We always it to talk with oversea customers.

Yes, i am using skype from last three years,


I use Skype daily! I dont think I can manage my operations with it. I use it for both my business and personal use. It is one of the finest messengers out there!

I am using skype for my business and for personal usage.

yes I use skype. Skype is a hugely versatile tool and can be utilised in business in so many ways you could fill numerous books with it.

My only experience with Skype was a friend who's son was in Italy and had his wallet (along with all of his travelers cheques and credit cards) stolen. The kid was able to use Skype throught the Hotel managers office and my friend was able to provide a credit card over the phone to cover hotel costs and also arrange to get his son more travelers cheques. Definitely a benefit in that case. Other than that, no need to use personally.

Great story.Very well written


I use skype on daily basis. Its the best software for international calls. For me its the best and would suggest you to go for it.

I read a report about Skype doubling its connection fee. I personally have never used Skype nor have I found a use for Skype. Have you used Skype either for business or pleasure?

I always use skype for personal and business matters. it gives us easy access and give us clear images.i also have no problems with audio as well.

i used skypee from 6 year. it's good for calling.

Ya I had used Skype its really a good setup for making intenational or overseas calls without any payment.I find it very comfortable for online chatting and this is the most used business software for chatting purpose.

Hi i used skype and i think it is the best chatting media avilable today and i used it free of cost.

Skype is really cost effective and great voice and faster i am using it last 3 year but i am really happy with it

Yes, I'm using skype.

Skype is incredible. I use it everyday for business and plesure. No video calls for me but everyone can use the chat. International contact is easy and instant. Consider it one of the best platforms that you can use for instant communication.

yeah, I'm using skype long tmes, it's bcz the sound clarity and easy to communicate. Of course free.

ya i had use skype it will helps to me for communicate with my abroad friends.

I heard about that but i think skype is a good tool of communication between family and friends and also good for business communication. I never used it but thinking to use skype for business conversation!

well i always uses it as for my pleasure and chating with friends nothing else but very keen to knw that in how many ways it can b used in business promotion n etc?

I think if you are not using skype its a biggest joke for this year lol

I prefer to use skype because of its voice and video quality...

Yes, i will.
Skype is a nice software and i use daily for my business use...

Yeah i do use skype .. and it is one of the best tool that i use in my daily life.

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