I've often wanted a true blog/forum hybrid. I know exactly what I want, until I try to describe it!

I think I basically want a forum, but one that doesn't look so rigidly structured as a forum. Also, I want something a bit more user-oriented, than topic-oriented.

I'd like a site experience where someone could look for things and discuss things on a topical basis, but also go to the site to see what "Joe" has had to say lately.

I thought a really robust blog site would do it, but when I look at the blog software, so many of them use DIFFERENT software for their "support forum"!

So, I think a customizable, robust, forum system, where I could dynamically collect a user's postings into a "blog-like" page, would be good.

I want bloggy forum, as opposed to a forumy blog. Suggestions? Experiences?

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My first post in Web Development section. You just took the word out of my heart man, I would really love to know how to build a bloggy forum. Me and some of my friends have been using a team blog for a while, but much is still desired.


What if forums could host their feeds so others could subscribe to their feeds (regardless of forum software) - basically linking forums together?

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