I read a report about Skype doubling its connection fee. I personally have never used Skype nor have I found a use for Skype. Have you used Skype either for business or pleasure?

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My cost for Skype is Zero $. If they double it, it is Ok. Skype is a good service for overseas calls to friends. I would not use it for work. Not the best of quility. System supports both VoIP and VTC with mini cam.

I use Skype frequently as a means of communication with family and friends, usually a international distances. When the connections go through and hold, there's nothing quite like it. Over the years Skype has made many improvements in the sound quality of its connections (in particular, by eliminating annoying echoes). BUT----there are frequent occasions when the connection is "dropped" and you find yourself talking to a "dead" line. I have yet to figure out a reason for this break of contact and sometimes, in my frustration, feel as if it is done intentionally for the purpose of getting me to switch over to the paying mode, something I'm not willing to do. After all, I pay enough to my ISP and if I want a land-line call, I can make it cheaply enough.
The really big advantage is the feeling that you are talking to someone sitting next to you, and if you both have cameras, you can see each other as well.
When I was a child (a long time ago) such things were the exclusive realm of science fiction.

My only experience with Skype was a friend who's son was in Italy and had his wallet (along with all of his travelers cheques and credit cards) stolen. The kid was able to use Skype throught the Hotel managers office and my friend was able to provide a credit card over the phone to cover hotel costs and also arrange to get his son more travelers cheques. Definitely a benefit in that case. Other than that, no need to use personally.

skype is great for communicating with friends and family who are living abroad.....i never used it though....my uncle use it quite frequently....

So skype is best for international calls, it seems. Hence, if one does not have any international callers, then Skype may not be useful.

With domestic telephone rates what they are (optimum voice and vonage are one price per month with calling anywhere at anytime, verizon wireless has free nights and weekends, etc), Skype seems pointless. Internationally it is a no brainer.

I have heard that but I have never found the need to use it.

I use skype very frequently, but ZERO is the price I would pay. I use it solely for voip calls (skype 2 skype) and its been great so far. As far as the usefulness is concerned, if you spend most of your waking hours staring at a computer I would rather take a call right there instead of running to grab a device. See its just a question of your lifestyle and connections. :)

One nice aspect about Skype communication is that it tells you when your approved conversation partners are on line. You can choose to talk with them or not but when you do want to talk to someone, there is nothing quite like talking AND seeing your call partner at the same time. If you have a mike, a camera and speakers (or earphones) you are set to go. There's no need to buy any special equipment.
Try it--you'll like it.

I use it because even when you are paying for it (to call lanlines) its still cheaper than BT, which is good for me (im a student).

I use Skype on a daily basis. I like that I can choose to either chat, talk, or video conference all from the same application. Less logins, less applications running.

I've come across a really disturbing bug that acts up unpredictably--somehow the program "on its own" makes an adjustment to the microphone setting that results in disabling it.
To overcome this problem, one has to right click on the sound settings icon, open the microphone's advanced settings box, and remove the check-marks from the two "boost microphone" settings. Once the check marks are removed you can close the settings box nd enjoy free conversations till the next unpredictable moment when it turns itselg off again.

So I can conclude that Skype is still very popular and useful.

sorry, but I think skype DO NOT doubling their fee, month after month Skype subscriptions is getting lower and lower, I have monthly subscription options and now I only paid 85% paypal over last period subscription charges

Sure I use it... usefull if you need to telephone abroad, otherwise... I use yahoo messangermch better as videochat program.

I have found Yahoo Chat more usable than Skype - also, Yahoo Messenger is used more for corporate use than Skype though Skype is used more for small business.

we use skype in our office and it is a really helpful resource. It's basically like AOL Instant Messenger and I think it's free.

I would never pay to use Skype. I rarely use it anyway. I mainly use it for job interviews.

I used it for both actually and I think that there is no harm if they increase the cost of their services because its too much excellent for me specially.

I read a report about Skype doubling its connection fee. I personally have never used Skype nor have I found a use for Skype. Have you used Skype either for business or pleasure?

No, because i live i shit-country Bosnia where maximum speed of internet iz 100 kbs and max monthly bandwith is 20 GB. :angry: O yes, we have flat - for 100 KM (75$ and download speed 100 kbs)

I use skype but not to call phones or payable services, so the cost matters not to me

Yes i use skype,,, in both business n personal purpose,, but both id different.. may be most of use Skype... most purpose to use Skype is to share a data within a minute ... and free calling..

Skype to Skype local and international calls are totally free, it is the major benefit of Skype. It is also very useful for business purpose.

Yes I use SKYPE too!! As do the entire family.. we all link to each other and we chat for hours and it costs nothing.. We dont use to call phone numbers,
we also dont subscribe to the multi connections.. so our costs are nothing.
we have two way conversations either typing or talking and we love it.. simple to set up, takes five minutes.
The kids have it permanently on to talk to each other from room to room, better than a walky talky LOL!

I use Skype for both personal and business. Can't beat free international long distance and the screen share feature!

I read a report about Skype doubling its connection fee. I personally have never used Skype nor have I found a use for Skype. Have you used Skype either for business or pleasure?

i am using skypee form 3 year and my cost is nothing dear. so don't worry and used it. It's good for calling.

i have heard about hmmm its ok

Hi guys, skype is best option to shearing and chatting view to inside india or out side and i think many facilities available here.

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