Looking for a cheaper solution to your advertising woes? Consider using Desktop Ad Impressions. What are they? Basically when someone uses their toolbar to do a search for say a flat screen tv your actual website will appear in a minimized window. this is an opt-in option built into new software applications that over 80,000,000 people have chosen to leave installed on their computers. Desktop Ad Impressions leverage this software to provide a low cost search generated advertising system that only costs .12 cents per visitor at the most. You can get it down to only .5Cents pre visitor if you have a larger budget. Whats the downside? It is relatively cost prohibitive to smaller companies or individuals. The smallest budget allowed is $1200 for 10,000 visitors and goes up to over $20,000 for 400,000 visitors. Compared to Pay Per Click your saving a significant amount of money and their is no chance for click fraud which accounts for 64% of all clicked ads. This is the insiders way to qualified cheap traffic that is guaranteed to produce results.

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You really make some good points. The 64% of all clicks are fraud. It makes sense that the more targeted to visitors are the more likely they are to buy. Visitors arriving through click fraud are possible the least targeted people.

They are looking to make money, not spend money.

I would still not pursue this type of advertising until I researched it more. I have never heard of it. I find SEO to be the best form of advertising because it is free and brings targeted visitors. Everything is profit that comes through the engines.

that is very true, SEO work is the number one way to lowering your cost per sale but this is the next best thing by far. there are only a few companies offering it however so its hard to find any relevant information on it

The cheapest advertising is free advertising :-)
Go for purely performance based model, you never can go wrong with that.

Also try some fun widgets that stimulate friends referrals. Don't remember the names, but I saw some. (But then again, might not be appropriate for some sites/product)

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