Hi, this is my first post so... forgive me if I sound stupid :o

Anyway, I have just started a new Linux help and discussion site. But the problem is, I don't seem to be gaining many members. I would be very grateful if you could give me some tips on promoting my site.


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I don't know much about advertising but just the fact that you mentionned it made me take a look at you site. So that's a start. And when you get 10 post you can have a signature and you can add the link there so people who are interested can see it.

You have to let people know that your site exists! Just because it is on the net it doesn't mean people will find it! :D You have to effectively tell people to goto your site, or shove it in their face; as we know, this is usually done through advertising :p

I just looked a your site and realised you ahve made one of the biggest mistakes! You have lots & lots of forums that are jsut empty :( You have to start smaller so it appears more active, then people join, then slowly introduce new sections. Of course you could just have sections hidden fro mthe public and while they dont see then you can secretly stockpile them with your own posts :) Then when you do release them people will se a nice active forum and join :D

OK, thanks for those. I'll decrease the size of my forum, and I did sort of think of this. Thanks anyway!

Add content, fresh new content as much as you can and as regularly as you can, give people some exclusive content to talk about, make your forum different from other linux forums out there, give people a reason to join your site. Don't give up if you are not successfull to start with give the forum a good run for 6 months before you decide anything.

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