Could I get input on the following domain names I have come up with? :) As you can tell I'm in the cosmetic and skin care industry. And of course "Pink" is known for our product line. I want something catchy, people will remember and not too long. :cool: It will be a site to get more product information with a link to my company's site. Also skin care and beauty tips, product specials and contact info.

Is it not a good idea to use numbers in a domain name?

Thanks in advance for your help! :lol: Leslie

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All 8 Replies would be a good one to have, you could always purchase as many dot coms as you want and build a page for each one do submissions and rederict them all to your main dot com. - thats the one right there!

sounds very professional and beause it's a play on essentials people will remember it

I would go with because it's easy to remember, relatively short, descriptive and it seems easy to brand.

Seems like you could do a lot of things with that name.

skincaregirl is a good one...

I think skincaregirl is best, easy to remember - quite catchy too...

I would not go with words like Beauty or Beaute - as they are... A. easily confused between both spellings and B. also lots of people are not that good at spelling (& typing in) the "eau" spelling part of these words.

Numbers I don't think are great - as you may end up having a neigbour setting up next door! - eg you go *101, someone else goes *100 or *102 or *1001 etc, ..... headache follows!

Good luck



i vote for skincaregirl!

i'd avoid anything that changes spelling such as beauty to beaute... you're only asking for trouble. good luck!

I wouldn't be too concerened if I didn't find a "keyword rich" domain name. Just think of something "short in lenght" , "easy-to-remember/recall" and "easy-to-type-in" . It doesn't even have to be related to the cosmetic industry.

I would suggest Cosmicare - it uses cosmetics, it uses care, and forms one easily brandable word.

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