Trying to get my home network running, i ran Network id wizard. After restarting and not being able to login i realized it disconnected me from my previous domain, and now it wont accept the user password. Anyway you can change the domain during login or any other tip to help me get back into windows Xp and undo this mess?

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when clicking options, all it does is give the shutdown option.


If you have no other options then you are not on a domain. It is possible that running the network setup wizard removed the computer from the domain.

Go in safe mode by hitting F8 every second while windows starts and login as the built-in administrator: On the login screen just type in administrator in the user field and don't put in any password.

That should log you in. Now that you've done that go in the control panel and delete the password for your account or if you were on a domain before and your user account is not on the local machine create a new account.

Go back in normal mode and this time put your user name in the user field and leave the password blank.


im about ready to give up: safe mode administrator isnt working for me.


ok nevermind, I think that the tech at work added a password to the admin. thanks gemini4 for the help. (if i looked into it earlier i would have found this :o

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