Greetings Dani,

We just installed your vBulletin mod_rewrite for vB 3.0.7 hack and are quite excited about it.
I have looked around the forum but couldn't find a thread related to this topic.
Anyhow, it seems it's no longer possible to merge threads because VB doesn't recognize the html URLs.
Any idea on a workaround for this?

BTW, I'll add your site to my directory as a token of gratitude for your smart hack. :)

Best Regards....

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I'm sorry about that....
Will post there instead.



Hello folks, bit of a newbie vBulletin user here. I tried to setup the modrewrite but the install failed. When I had completed the install the links to post in a forum failed to work, I thought it was a problem in the showthread.php so I done it again and the same thing happened. Could be a problem with the .htaccess file?


I believe the problem was in the ftp of the files. When I edited the files directly in the server it worked, thanks.


One last question, is there a way of making the thread titles appear as h1 tags in the archive and have it link to the original thread?


This current version does, indeed, link to the actual threads. All of the thread titles are not H1 tags because that would mean so many H1 tags on the page, that they wouldn't even be given any more weight than normal. It would be like literally enclosing the entire page content in H1 tags. H1 tags (from an SEO perspective) are used when you want to emphasize / specify one or two of your keywords (or a single phrase) on the page.

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