hi all,
i would like to warn webmasters about contextweb.
if you are already working,or planning to work with contextweb,DONT!
they never pay you on time.
they never pay the amount you earn,lucky if you can get some.
they never reply your mails.
they take the rates from 15 cents to 1 cent if you get many clicks.
and if you make over $2000,they just send you an e-mail about click fraud,and terminate your account.

before starting with them,we read on the forums etc,and as we read not so many good or bad reviews,we decided to give it a shot. now,to help you other people who make money of advertising,just beware and keep away from contextweb,if you really want to get paid for your work.

thanks for reading.


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I just completed a second campaign with ContextWeb. Due to the large amounts of traffic that I receive, ContextWeb works with me individually to set up monthly contracts for banner campaigns (the latest one being for Circuit City). My sales rep is really nice and I never had a problem with him. The only problem with ContextWeb that I definitely do have is unfortunately underreporting the number of impressions.

well,i think we have a sales rep too,but we only heard from her twice,saying our payment would be done,and the last one last week,asking if we received our payment. funny but this second mail just arrived 2 hours after we received the "you're making fraud,we cancel your account and block all payments" mail.
we usually work with advertising networks, and i think at least they owe us an explanation about what fraud we made. we didn't change the code of the site we use contextweb on for over a month, and one day we learn we're out :)

anyway,happy to hear at least one of us gets money from contextweb .


So you're an ad network kinda guy, eh? I've found that I would rather work ten times as hard to sell directly instead of use the agencies because I like to know exactly what is going up on my pages. Incidently, are you in Tribal Fusion?

we prefer ad networks as we're physically no located in the US,and it's hard to make your charges,pays etc individually.
i'm not in tribal fusion, are they good? compared to findwhat or adsense?


Tribal Fusion is one of the best ad networks out there - I find their rates are better than AdSense, and they have a good selection of quality advertiers. I use them off and on - however, we're back to the point of how I like to have full control over my own ad inventory :)

i'll give tribal a try tomorrow, now i have to go home and watch southpark ;)
btw i do not like control of the ads so much,i'm really bored of them infact,for the last 2 years i see this advertising stuff as an income that i get without doing anything. (lazy coder's words,eh? :) )

anyway,thanks for the tip about tribal,have a nice day.


Here is the truth about ContextWeb. the claim to be "real time" contexual advertising, that is true for their CPC model, but on the CPM model that is far from the truth. When a client makes a buy with ContextWeb they are lead to believe that their ads will be served in real time next to relevanty content. In reality when a buy is placed with ContextWeb they essentially pass it along to their business development team to make buys around the web to place the ad. You are getting nothing in real time and nothing relevant. Your ad will only be placed in areas that the business development team can place you. Then once your ad is placed it will be a miracle if it delivers. They even go as far as advertisning partnerships with publishers that don't even exist. Don't be fooled by the clever quirks and sales tactics of this schlock shop. Spend your money wisley and invest in Google adwords and adsense. If you are spending alot of money ask them to pony up and show you how they ads are placed in relevancy. Wear your boots because it will get deep fast.

Hi, I would like to know, what can you really advise regarding contextweb? Is it good to post advertising there or not? Or can you advice some other advertising company to use for advertising? I am really interrested in good sollution :)

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course. But, I'd like to point out that our publisher services team is very responsive and charged with the mission to give our publishers the best customer service possible which includes prompt payment. If there are ever any issues, as always, we look forward to rectifying it as soon as possible. Thanks for letting me post here, Daniweb. And, I look forward to taking part in future discussions.

All the best,

John Ebbert
Director of Customer Marketing, ContextWeb

I tried Contextweb as a publisher and now think of trying it as an advertiser. Several years passed, did anyone had any experience with them lately - 2011-2012? I mean as an advertiser (I tried them as a publisher already). Thanks!

I'm useing ContextWeb as a publisher from over a year now , i never have any issue with them CPM rats are good and automaticlly payments are on time , i find them One of the best CPM network (for publishers) after TribalFusuion.

I am working with contextweb,and until now they have really small exchange rates

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