Can someone recommend a good free shopping cart database software package?
Thanks Russ

yes. Its called dash commerce and it is part of several open source pre-made solutions known as starter kits. I have just discovered it and was blown away to find all of the files there in visual studio along with two databases in the app folder. I guess microsoft fighting to stay competitive by finally offering some open source. a real time saver this should be. Just make shure you know enough and CSS to costomize it for your perticular needs. If not then maybe i can develope it for you for a modest fee.

Rick Pace

Im a recent grad working on my first paid project as an aspiring freelance .net developer. I have no idea what to charge for the project description below:

Client needs a web app to manage sales leads. Sales reps, managers, and call center will all be able to insert a sales lead (name, address, phone number ect ect) into sql database table.
Only the manager will be able to access these records via a GridView of last names arranged alphabeticaly. Once the manager clicks on a name, the details are then presented in a
FormView control. Manager can then assign a rep to each perticular lead.
When a rep logs in he will only see his leads arranged in the same way "Master/details". He will also be able to update comments unto the nature and state of the lead eg..sold,killed,next month.
Manager will also have the abillity to delete and create new reps and assign them passwords..

Ive got it all figured out, I just need to know what i could/should charge for this project. Please no hour/rate equations. This wont work for me as i am a recent grad and this will take me twice as long to develop as would a seasoned professional. I am interested in knowing what the final damage should be. I apreciate any feedback.

I think free, open source shopping carts are good, but if you need something more professional, or with support, you might want to check out a company like host gator that, from your Cpanel can access special offer pricing on premium e-commerce web hosting shopping cart software.

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