as above, which ones are best for seo etc and why, also which ones should i avoid.

Any thoughts on using wordpress with an ecommerce addon?

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I have to say BigCommerce. Easy to use, intuitive, has seo built-in, integration with just about every tool out there. Really this thing is a class above all else. It does cost money, but it's money well spent.

Check out my review for more details if you're interested in BigCommerce.

I haven't used it much but OpenCart is great in my experience and definitely worth checking out. The docs aren't great but the forums are full of information and tutorials.

Magento is better one just do google and u'll find many reasons why. I've heard zen cart is one to avoid...

There are loads of good shopping carts. It depends on the unique uses that you need. I like CRE Loaded it is very good for SEO.

Magento is a great shopping cart to use. It offers complete flexibility and control over the users experience, content, and functionality of their online store. Its intuitive administration interface features powerful marketing tools, a catalog-management engine and is SEO optimized to give merchants the power to create sites that provide an unrivaled and rich online shopping experience for their customers, tailored to their unique business needs.

I always tell clients the best shopping cart is custom coded. This way you get all the features you need. It is the best way to get everything you want for your particular site.

Both. first of all it should be script friendly and then you can optimized it for search engine. Do not use more script.


Try Tomatocart. I have tryed Magneto OScommerce and others, but this is what i love :)

Zencart has my vote.

BigCommerce has all the features that are needed for an ecommerce business. Also, it comes with all the SEO features. Of course it comes with money.

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