Maybe Im too tired of hearing about social media, but do you think its a hype?

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Maybe Im too tired of hearing about social media, but do you think its a hype?

As far as what technologies will naturally merge together to become the future Internet, personal networking will play a big part of the evolution; and this trend should last for some time to come.

It's clear some search engines are intensifying migrating data collected from the social networking sites into their general searchable offerings.

Seems to me like social media is a big thing and worthy of a bit of a hype.

i think it boils down to the good'ol adage of "a social network only being as good as it's users." When Twitter burst onto the scene i thought "what a stupid and narcissistic idea." Status updates? Really? Who cares!

But as more and more legitimate users adopted the technology, it became more and more useful - and so I started using it as well. Now it seems that everyone (including every news site and nearly every business) has a presence on Twitter and/or Facebook.. and for good reason! They can be incredibly useful tools for keeping up with news headlines, friends, family, stocks, and anything else you're interested in. Not to mention the business side of things, where you can network, brand and reach a specific audience. So yea... because of the amount of users and quality of users, i would say that some of these social media venues definitely deserve a hype. :)

Well thank you. Very true. I remember years ago when none of my friends knew what "email" was when I used it in 1991, now, email is such a common place communication in our lives. So from unknown - to curiosity - to hype - to accepted form of communication.

It seems to me that social media presents some great opportunities and the possibilities are wide open, but that making effective use of them requires some knowledge of both the intended audience and the network in question.

I also think that social media has made lives more public to the point there is no need to hire a private investigator.

sounds good to me.

Thanks for shared this information....
it will add my knowledge..

No my friend! It actually works! It is like the old word of mouth. But faster...

Yes, social media has allowed very quick dispersion of news - like in Iran and even with Haiti situation.

Maybe Im too tired of hearing about social media, but do you think its a hype?

I would have to say it's not hype. Social media has been around for a good while. Just not like it is today. I think that it is more something that has caught on more and more over time. I feel that it is here to stay and that it will be a decisive factor in the way people interact in the foreseeable future.

Very true - social media have existed forever - it is that now its social media with technology enhancing human interactions.

Check out the Ron Paul presidential campaign if you actually desire to see what social media is accomplishing.

Yea social media works but so many other things also work in their own speed. I think everyone is giving hype to social media marketing techniques. I mean it is being talked about very much all over and that is why people are misusing it also.

I agree with you. Social media is now more a buzz term that everyone likes to use in marketing.

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