Sorry, perhaps this is very silly question. But, your ideas would help.

Suppose, I am a freelance web developer who works from home. Do you think it is all right to mention my telephone numbers in my web site or should I just use email for others to contact me?


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Provided it is convenient to take calls, go for it.

However I'd suggest using something such as callingsources.com, where you can get a US voicemail service, even if, like me, you're not in the US.

That also helps avoid time-zoze differences, so you don't get prospects calling you at 2AM...


It really depends upon the nature of your work. If you want to add value to your work then you should be adding the phone support for your clients. It also increases the trust level of the client.

Time zoze? I need more sleep..

Yep, Nano is correct, a telephone number can be a huge boost to your credibility and trustworthiness. Interestingly, Google thinks so too...


Consider Google Voice so you won't have to give out your real phone number.

Adding your tel. num. will boost to your credibility and trustworthiness but if you need to invest considerable time on the work/service you provide... Answering the phone all day might be a hassle. So, look for an alternative like a voice mail service.

I agree with Dani and jennypitts - Google Voice will provide you with an alternative # that will forward calls to your personal line(s) AS WELL AS act as a voice mail service.

I strongly advise to never, ever include your home number and use Google Voice or retain a local call forwarding service.

Google voice is similar to Google checkout. It's great if you're one of the 5% of the world's population that lives in America.



real telephone number could be little dissaster if many people will target it to selling their enlarge penis pills for you,try to use skype instead.I think they have better filter from spammer then in line telephone channel in your house

Yeah, since now people can send text messages via phone numbers, it is good idea to use a number that has spam filters.

for your customers,tel is anther convenient way to contact you.
i think it is better if you can provide tel number

It's good to have a number on your site, it increases customer trust and relation, however be prepared to get lots of calls from telemarketers.

Yes, its good to have a number but becareful what number you post! No home numbers.

Agreed to above comments... simple way to boost your site's credibility is by making your contact information clear: phone number, physical address, and email address.

I think if would take toll free numbers, then it would be much better and will look professional..

Yeah. Definitely you should mentions your phone number. With out phone number how people will call you for some queries. But be sure, that number should not be your personal one. Try to have official contact number.

It is OK to mention or list down your contact numbers on your website especially if your numbers are toll free 800 numbers. This way you can promote and advertise your contact information to clients or customers. But make sure you have a neat call management phone system features installed because you will definitely receive lots of calls overtime. You can also utilize a click-to-call button as another way.

There are no cons to putting any contact information on your website, except for getting promotional offers in your calls and spam.

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