Facebook Blamed for Divorces

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Facebook is now being blamed for up to 1 in 5 divorces, according to an analysis performed on an online database of divorce documents.

The website, called Divorce-Online, had Facebook mentioned 989 times out of 5,000 documents, according to Mark Keenan, managing director of the site.

The most common reason seemed to be people having inappropriate sexual chats, Keenan said in an article in the Sun.

Facebook has changed how relationships and breakups are conducted for a while now, with divorce attorneys mining it for evidence and with people announcing the state of their relationship using it.

Other social media sites were also mentioned in divorce papers, but Facebook received more attention.

king9999 0 Newbie Poster

wow thats a interesting one .......... social media taking a toll on human life ....slowly internet will swallow everything associated with human life

jfreemon 0 Newbie Poster

Hahaha. That's amazingly funny. It just goes to show that people in a hostile relationship are willingly seeking out way to attack each other. Facebook is just another war front now.

delivery1 0 Newbie Poster

Despite all that critisism, they're still making a lot of money though. Check this out http://www.comjuice.com/facebook.com/

InsightsDigital 57 Posting Virtuoso

Yes, social media have added another dimension of human interaction - both good and bad. Before Facebook, messages on Myspace left my so called "Friends" have caused relationships to be strained.

hondros 25 Junior Poster

This is understandable. My girlfriend loves to have sexual RP's with a lot of people online. It doesn't bother me at all. I'm not good at it for her, and it's not like I should control what she does online where it doesn't matter. :/ It's stupid to take it so seriously

nosheen101 0 Newbie Poster

interesting and funny fact ....lolz
but nothing is wrong itself its the way people use it.....and in this advance age online moves are also effecting lives of people :)

nosheen101 0 Newbie Poster


InsightsDigital 57 Posting Virtuoso

Though those opinions are very progressive, the majority of online users may not share those types of opinions. I know of one couple whom the man broke off the engagement because he discovered she wrote a smut email 6 months before to one person. Thus, in this online age, any behavior online can adversely affect offline relationships, in most cases.

slfisher 0 Posting Whiz

wow. well, better she found out before she married him, I guess.

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