DIGG is infamous for doing this - t-shirts that promote their site and the staff wears them during interviews, etc. So I wonder have you taken a similar approach and what were your results?

I really tried once and the result was not that successful.. But yea if you promote some sort of free entertienment sites it would work ..i just promoted health site with no luck.

Thanks for sharing your story. I wonder who else on this site also did a similar tactic and what were their outcome.

my old company received a fantastic response to the t-shirts they wore and willing gave out for free. The name of the company really lent itself to the Internet industry and the color of the shirts (black) was neutral - so they were very well accepted. We also made sure to have shirts made in wide variety of sizes and for both genders. We even had shirts made for children. Most company's cut costs by printing a standard men's shirt in Medium, Large, XL, and XXL but those campaigns usually don't have as much reach and as a result fall short in the branding dept.

It works for some kind of sites or even for local business sites.

Printing your website logo and website on T-shirts is a fun way of advertising though we never really tried it. I think custom t-shirts add to your brand is something that is concrete and that people can relate to.

I think this is old method, so nothing new to this kind of advertisement. I have seen some websites that advertise your website or business in cars at the back side with one big logo. There is a cost for that, and the will also send you proof, maybe with videos or photos.

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