I have few questions related to Social Media Related and how much visitors from it.

If i use Social Media websites like Facebook, Digg etc then i bring 1000 Visitors for my website.

How i can use these social media website to bring such a huge traffic for my website.

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Ali, there have been many similar questions posed on this site and many great advice. Also, do think of how you can use these services to:
1. create a sense of community
2. Share and contribute
3. Make it an extension of your brand/company

Also, be realistic. You might not get the 1,000 daily visitors, but you increase the chances of driving very targeted traffic that will convert to your brand!

You have to start interacting with people who will want to see your site, making conversations, getting involved in chatter and establishing connections. this will then lead you to the opportunities on Social Media.

More than 115 million people log in to Facebook every month. It is the largest social networking tool and a great place in the web for building your brand and driving traffic to your site.i just do following steps.
Build a Facebook network
Update your status every day
Wish birthday wishes everyday.
Create a business page
Tag promotional photos using friends' names.
Change your relationship status regularly if it is possible.
Attend Multiple Events.
Post comments on popular groups
Start your own events.

It takes time but you can do it. You should give people useful content or give them good advice so more people join your community. And then you can get more traffic from them.

You need to build good relationship with the rest of the community and you will then be surprised that they're going to zoom over you and perhaps on your profile. Once they get there, they're going to look for your website and they will be one of the many visitors to your site.

Facebook, Digg etc. these all are social networking websites where people gather in a group and communities. First of all you need to connect with them, join groups and Communities and interact with the people on a daily basis. Of course they will start taking interest in you and your business. But the only thing you have to do is that you need to promptly respond and stay connected with all the prospects to increase your business.
No doubt this technique will drive additional traffic into your website.

Hi Friend,

Following points are necessary to generate traffic :

1. Blog Creation & Commenting
2. Company Profile
3. Submit Press Release
4. News

For more details : SNIP

Social media sites can definitely be used to increase traffic to your site as long as you know how to utilize them correctly. Be certain to establish a strategy so as to make your time using them worthwhile. For example, remember most of the people that belong to social network are there for one thing, socializing. So, make sure that you only accept followers or friends that are interested in what you have to offer. Doing so will save you spamming complaints. You can also establish groups, and keep your time there under constraint. This means that you should limit your promotion there, in order to avoid falling into the trap of the socialization.

If you get your article or bookmark on the front page of the top social bookmarking websites, you could receive significant traffic.

thanks for replies and advices

Optimizing social media is the newest way to grow your business online and get new clients today. Making your profile in Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. is really effective to get traffic as well as to grow your business online.
Its all about focusing on generating traffic to your website through Social media. SMO or Social Media Optimization can be taken to be an optimizing technique involving some online communities and forums. You can take part in discussions and can leave a link to your website. Create blog about your product or service and share it on social networks with the prospects this will also attract the traffic into your website.

The most beneficial part of social marketing is that you can connect with a lot of people directly and can interact on a daily basis. You need to promptly respond and stay connected with all the prospects to increase your business and to get traffic into your website.

Make Friends and share your website with them

You can get visitors over the social media site but you need make strong profile and inviting related person

Social networking sites provide a good platform to increase site popularity and visitors. we should increase our friends and followers on these sites which should be interesting in our niche topic and we should share information of our sites with other members. It's really can be useful for increase visitors.

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