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I just started a couple of hours ago to do a one month test. So we'll see how it goes!

lol. good luck! :)

I have been considering using it as well. I always thought these types of ads were more ... "sneaky" so to say ... therefore it might be more likely that people will click on them.

On the other hand I find they make pages slower and more annoying.


Have you noticed a decrease in load time on DaniWeb?

Well it seems the pages load as fast as usual, but then for 10 seconds or so I see in the status bar that it's loading ads from the ad server.

Then again, I'm one of those people that doesn't start reading until it's 100% done loading because I might miss out on something wonderful.


Supposedly Vibrant Media is the last thing to load on the page, after everything else has. It's not supposed to affect load time of the page but it might take an extra second or so before the green underlines suddenly appear.


This seems like a great idea. A lot of the big financial websites (Motley Fool, etc) seem to be using Vibrant Media.

I've noticed their inventory seems to be provided, at least in part, by Overture.

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