There was a sutdy published that found that the majority of people check their Facebook first thing in the morning. Maybe I am guilty of such but I wonder who else on this site al so agrees with the finding of this study.

As you see, I misspelled check since caffeine is not yet in my system. :-)

I always check FaceBook first, then the market, current news and my mail.

fixed the typos for ya. Looks like your 'c' key got stuck ;)

yea.. i'm embarrassed to say that FB is definitely one of the first sites i visit in the AM.

So I wonder what is the second site we check? Gmail? And the other question is: why do we check Facebook in the first place?

Ya... email, stock portfolio, cnn.

I think most check FB because they want to stay connected... get updates from friends and family. It's fun!

Hey everybody!

I used to check first my MySpace, then e-mails. Now fist thing is to check my e-mail. Then I come here :D

I like the answers. Does anybody actually check their Myspace accounts anymore?