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Well, WordPress is considered a Blogging system.
If you wanna have an eCommerce website- it's probably better to use JOOMLA)

well, at least I would recommend this!


I did one . You can view it at iphone-case-shop.com. It was built by wordpress with a plugin named eshop.

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As i am a web developer, im adopted to word-press..there are many like joomla,magento,siverstripe which are all one at the same ..why i say because all are open source content management system...
The designing part is almost done for us...the only thing is we have to create a database and design a page with the client requirements...further he can also change the content with the little bit basics of php and my sql


Yes, you use Wordpress to create a simple sales page. There is a bit of learning curve and some people have been known to blast the way they want it to look at design tried to get my head against the wall.
You buy a pre-built views Worpdress template (can google it, there are sites that sell these tlots) or the forum section here on rent for a Warriors (designer hiring lots of them).
There are also Artisteer software such as options and that are useful for beginners.
Good luck


hi, there are lot of features in wordpress like has a theme system that allows for easy customization for your blog allowing the creator to change the look of the site as often as they like. WordPress also has features that assist with link management, complex indexing of blog posts, and the ability for multiple authors to add blog or site content.
But my preference is magento.

Magento offers an unparalleled option of availing more than fifty payment gateways for integration.
Online store owners will be able to manage manifold online stores from a single administrative panel and product catalogue. This feature proffers maximum flexibility as you will be able to manage many e stores saving you precious time and resources.
Providing various discounts and promotional packages at the time of checkout can also largely increase your sales.


The WP e-Commerce shopping cart plugin for WordPress is the best and easy to use fully featured shopping cart application suitable for the selling of your products, services and or fees online.


I have seen some WordPress templates for ecommerce sites. It seems good but I do wonder if anyone here have used them and what where their experiences? Please share.

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