First of all, I must tell you the truth, I'm an artisan, a blogger and a merchant, not a computer expert, so SEO is extremely intimidating to me. I am learning it, though, with good and appropriate reading, but it is a slow process. You cannot jump into the ocean if you cannot swim, so to be online, with all the competition and a saturated market, you need to know what you're doing, if you don't, you need to learn it and FAST! One thing I must tell you is that you HAVE to have something original to sell, otherwise, you will be ignored by savvy customers who know where to get what they want. Knockoffs are not original. Sit down and think things through really well. Get something other merchants don't have. Why would someone come to your store? What is it that you offer that they can't find ANYWHERE else? When you can offer that, you can market it successfully! Wish you well.

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