I heard that some of these places rip you off and don't pay their publishers when you sign up as an affiliate or publisher. So you can't trust them. Paid advertsing is a good option if you have the cake. Most don't. And it's okay... The best way to advertse a product online is to blog about it. There are a few good places that you can open up your own webpage and blog about virtually anything, like DELETED which is a blogging platform set up for promoters... that's how you can get your youtube video to blow up. There is also DELETED a dating blog site where you can blog about your dates.. the point is that you have to get out there and tell the world you exist! The best type of advertising is absolutely free... blog about it! Plus, some sites like the ones I have just mentioned, pay you to blog and promote your own business. You make money off of your blog's popularity... I'm just putting this out there because many people think you have to own your own website to earn money online, and that's totally not true at all man. Does anyone know of any other places I can advertise my content online and make money at the same time? Please respond if you do... I'm trying to do this full time. Thanks.

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A combination of AdWords and AdSense? Put AdSense on your blog, and any money you make from it, reinvest back into AdWords. I think most people would tell you that's the first line of attack.

yes , adword and adsense are best way to advertise online .

Best option for advertisement online is google advertisement e.g. adsense and adwords!

visit once www.jebkharcha.in . You will come to about new way...Click Here

The best way to advertise online is by posting classified on different sites like quikr ,Olx , click In and so on.

Depends on your product - some products sell better with contextual advertising with AdWords, or other network partners - some ads sell better with more personalized or rich media content.

It depends entirely on the type of blog you have, its design and niche. I say this because depending on these factors you can better decide which types of banner ads can do more for your site and then make it easier to choose an ad network.
For example, I work with a relatively new ad platform called Adsgadget, it provides different types of banner ads, and works on rev share and other payment models. Now, for certain sites, this is ideal. For others, maybe contextual ads could be best.

Try to address these factors before choosing anything.

Best of luck!

adsense is good platforum for advertisement, but adsence would give you 0.1% conversion rate....so my recemmendation use Classfified Ads that would give more relevent traffic and much better conversion rate...

What is your site's URL? Maybe I can recommend a couple of options for you to check out.

Adsense is the best way to promote your advertisement but script like Hyip script is also turns your ads into an money..so this also works best

i suggest only SEo for this purpose because its free and play impartant role

if you have money go for google adwords or else do SEO

i agree with all the comentators over here, if u can pay then go for adwords or adsense. otherwise SEO is always a best option.

Google ppc and facebook ads i think.

Free Classifieds ads posting is the best way for promoting your product and get genuine buyers through online.

Very interesting...I guess, it is a testing thing. Each person's niche will dtermine, through testing, what is best. Thank you all!

Free Classifieds ads posting is the best way for promoting your product and doing online advertisement , In this way people will know about your product and company .

@Dani - I've tried you're suggestion and made automatically 1$ per day. Not much but only worked once for this to happen.

i would like to suggest you to go for SEO, which will yield results and without any money investment.

Go to Market strategy (GTM) is the first step to reach your market penetration, revenue and profitability expectations.

Adword and adsense are best way to advertise online or internet marketing. Now, Go to market strategy is an editable plan that specifies how a People will reach company or organization.

I've been doing Internet Marketing since 2006 and I never paid a single cent. I only use SEO for longtern effect.

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