I am an absolute newbie to SEO.
Is it possible to get your website ranked well in Google with a very low budget?
Would the pay-per-click be necessary, for instance?

Thank you in advance.

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If you cant invest more money on site promotion, then start doing SEO you own. It is simple if you know basic. Read more blog about SEO and promotions.

Okay, thank you!

Hey Levsha,

I would recommend joining some social networks like reddit, digg, facebook and add a link within your signature on your daniweb account. Every time you post your link will be below your comments or thread posts. See mine below it, that is a link to my blog : )

Yes, I've been considering social networks.
The signature link idea, however, never occurred to me.
I like it. Thank you! :)

No Problem! Hope to see your Page Rank increasing soon :)

Let it be! ;)

The best way to get targeted traffic on a low budget is through the search engines. You'll want to optimize your website for the keyword phrases that are most relevant to the content on your site. Once optimized and you earn some relevant citations from trusted resources, you will be in a position to receive qualified traffic that converts to sales, clicks, or whatever it is that you are making money on.

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relevant citations from trusted resources

What are these exactly?

And thank you for your response!

Oh thank you!
That's a good one!

Levsha, this is a question that almost all beginners ask, yet let me give you a few words of advice to help point you in the right direction. Especially since there are many people out there that really do not understand what each method is and what should be used for:

1- PPC can be VERY expensive if you do not know how to use it adequately or develop a strategy to use it. So, if your budget is low, stay away from it for the time being.
2- SEO (Search engine optimization) entails two parts, On-Page and Off-Page and are meant to help optimize your site and make it more search engine visible and friendly. SEO helps increase your placement in SERPS and EVENTUALLY your PR. I advise that you NOT worry about PR yet, especially since it is something that happens every three months and DOES not guarantee traffic. CONCENTRATE on increasing your SERPs.
3- Social Media sites better known as social networks like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and the likes, are used to help increase traffic BUT are NOT part of SEO.
4- If you read up on SEO you can learn to do most of it yourself. There are a lot of people out there that offer SEO services but it is very hard to determine who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. Particularly because for a long time it has been difficult to establish what should be the parameters on how to certify someone as an SEO expert. So if you are thinking about hiring a professional ask all the pertinent questions. Just as with any other marketing tool, hiring someone to do your SEO is pretty much trial and error. UNLESS of course you do it yourself.

Finally you asked about relevant citations from trusted sources. Well that is a very difficult thing to establish BUT some of the most relevant and trusted sources with SEO are easily found on search engines. One of my go to blogs was and still is SEOmoz. They have an incredible collection of articles from some of the most renowned SEO experts. If you do not know where to start, start there!!!

Good luck!

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Thank you so, so, so much for such a comprehensive response!
I'm going to learn and do SEO myself.
Will stick to your recommendations.

Thanks again!

Vita, I think that everyone has given you some great ideas. Keep in mind that there are many promotional methods which are free or affordable but not necessarily effective. On that same note, there are some that are affordable and free and can bring you great results. I am not trying to be biased but Article Writing and submitting is an effective way of promoting your site, if done right.

However, keep in mind that when it comes to marketing nothing is guaranteed. You can test various tactics and choose whichever one works best for you. The more you do yourself the less money you will spend but the more work you will bring on yourself!

Okay, here I'm going to reveal my ignorance once again, but what is meant by Article Writing and submitting? :)
Who is to write the articles? On what topics? Where are they to be submitted?

Thank you!

What are these exactly?

And thank you for your response!

Sorry for the delay Levsha but better late than never i guess...
Relevant citations are links or mentions from webpages that are similar or relevant to your website.

Trusted resources are websites that are established and often provide useful information or tools.

Never late. :)
Thank you very much!

Meta name descriptions and keywords might help but, from what I have been learning lately, that the primary focus needs to be on content and, after that, longevity. SEO techniques seem to point out that, even if you use the keyword and description approach, some search engines will completely discount (and perhaps even penalize the site in the rankings) if the keywords do not seem to be relevant to the page content. Concentrate on making the page/s interesting and worthwhile to visit... then make sure visitors will want to come back. I don't think there is really some other magic bullet that will instantly make a site rise to the top.

Just remember that to promote your website, you need to do it in a consistent basis. If you need to create reminders on Outlook - do so. You need to make it a weekly priority - either through social media, strengthening your backlinks, and re-optimizing your relevant content and SEO terms. Its like a plant, you need to nourish it so it can grow.

To short-term effects on your website
google ads are necessary, you can control costs
To long-term effects
You need search engine optimization seo

If done properly, PPC campaigns and natural search engine optimization can both contribute greatly to your bottom line.

Hello, everybody!

I have to mention that actually we can performe a regular SEO technics totaly for free. We dont have to pay for submissions, posting, commenting. We can easily use free link exchange. Believe me or not but you can gain a great results without spending any cent!

Hi, these are some of the low-budget website promotion methods, in fact, if you can do it yourself, you can do it free of cost, only thing you need to spend is time.

• Directory Submission
• Article Submission
• Press Release Submission
• Social Bookmarking (Digg, Delicious, Stumble, Reddit etc.)
• Blog Posting
• Be helpful in forums
• Classified Ads
• Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn etc.)

and there are many other methods, these are some of the easiest methods used.

not sure bro :(

I would suggest taking the time to learn SEO if you have the time. If not, maybe you should outsource.

Sounds like a nice job to do. :)
Thank you!

Thank you very much!
I'm going to take time and learn SEO.

I would suggest taking the time to learn SEO if you have the time. If not, maybe you should outsource.

Will do. I'm interested in doing it all myself.
Thank you!

My advise is to do SEO yourself to your site. That will be the solution if you are running out of budget :)

My advise is to do SEO yourself to your site. That will be the solution if you are running out of budget :)

That is what I'm planning to do! ;)

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