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Getting good and quality leads is the most vital part of any business........still I wonder that
I miss something that is not prompting my website visitors to fill the inquiry form.....What are the ways of getting good and quality leads so that visitor stays on the site for longer time and fills the inquiry form........

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I am not sure I understand your question... Are you asking about getting people to opt-in so that you can collect their emails? If so, perhaps you can offer a free ebook or some sort of incentive. Remember that people like free stuff. They will not be inclined to give you their email unless they are getting something in return.

or you can pay some video streaming sites that ask people to fill in some form before they will be able to watch.

In any given industry, there are a myriad of potential lead sources that can be used to supply your business with highly-qualified sales leads. Some are very simple and inexpensive to set-up, others are more involved.

Getting good and quality leads is the most vital part of any business.betterway you Should be bring your Keywords
Top Positions in google search.

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