There are thousands of blogs and sources to learn about social media, but among this clutter, where are the best resources to learn and keep up about social media? I will start with Mashable, DaniWeb (of course), and eMarketer. Where else would you say?

Personally, i think the best way to learn about a social media platform is to register with the network and get hands on experience. As far as external resources, I keep tabs on TechCrunch, Mashable, Sphinn, and the individual blogs from Twitter and Facebook.

Hi Jay, I never heard of Sphinn but I will definitely check it out. I am registered with over 500 internet marketing blogs and I just want to streamline to a handful. Thanks!

yea.. sphinn is a lot like digg, but tailored to Internet Marketing news and discussion.

I learn something every day. For those lurkers out there, I would also add: Comscore, Forrester, and Nielsen, especially if you are into digital measurement.