Now, being part of an online networking site is very commonplace, but even 5 years ago, it was a novelty. Now, people are just so accepting of others checking their online status/profiles during work, dinner, etc. So do you think that:
1. Society have become less productive as a result
2. Social media is very time consuming?

What do you think?

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No doubt! Social media has changed a lot of things. Not only online but even daily life. It may also be very addictive!

1. Society have become less productive as a result
2. Social media is very time consuming?
- Yes, because we don't have to give out our emotions to others( face to face) and still communicate with each other. And when you have more and more friends then you tend to write back. And as a rule more you have, then more you have to write them back. And this means, that you have to sit by a computer and write back even at work. Therefore you are less productive because you look on your social site and check replies or just you are waiting for a reply from a friend. It is like playing a computer game. You can see and tell others that you end after few minutes but you will say this even after 24h of playing.

Men tend to write how good they are or what they have discovered/outlive/survive. So he tries to be a king of the hill in his social group.
Women tend to write about others. How they/others are and what they did wrong or bad. She tries to get as many information about others (mostly bad).

And if you mix it and remove the emotions, then you have from everyone a need to do social networking via net.

*emotions = be ashame to show emotions.

Very insightful post. Thank you. Going along with what you said, social media may create a false sense of "friendship".

Yes,my life is changed.Now Ihave less time for my usual to do stuff.Sometimes it is pretty time cosuming and I can't get a good sleep.That make nervous a lot of poeple around me.

but let us not just say that social media sites have all the disadvantages in the world okay. these sites are not time-consuming in themselves, you still do have the choice to check your profile once or twice a day. let us say at the morning before you go to work, and at the evening before you sleep. In that way, you'll control it. I do believe that It's okay not to reply a comment at the same very minute it was posted.

social media help me to keep in touch with my friends and relatives. I've been using it for personal fun. But the best thing that happened to me is marketing my business. It's been a great experience and you can be productive in so many ways.

Very insightful posts - yes, Facebook may not be time consuming but did you know that the average time spent on the site per visitor is 20 minutes?

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