OK here is what I am after and here is the bumps in the road.
I am selling but ONE product, and this ONE product I am selling can be sold in different quantities of course. So after selling this product on the streets of my town to know it's a product to invest into. I wanted to make a website. So I bought the domain name www.marshmellowkronik.com, and I now own that domain name. I havent coded in html or anything of the sort in a long time and am more a game c++ programmer in need of you e-commerce experts help!

So on GO-Daddy after purchasing my domain name I noticed a bunch of control panel options, and I havent paid for hosting to host the actual website yet. I am going to go do that today! Now I noticed a shopping cart feature that looked to be 100$ or some odd per year I beleive it was. I did not know what to do from there.. I am going to do this the fast route due to the nature I am selling ONE product. I will use the quick website builder so I waste little time coding. If I must I will pay for this shopping cart feature but before I did I wanted to know is it a peice of cake to setup.
Here is what I am after!!!

- User goes on my very simple one paged website user selects quantity of the one product I sell, user clicks add to cart, user clicks on checkout, processes shipping and payment types. I get an invoice to ship to such and such address, and they get a receipt! DONE! Thats all I am after whats the easiest fastest route for me to do this myself? Using templated pre-coded software etc.. or can all the go-daddy features I seen provide this simply and easily for me ?

I don't know anything about GoDaddy's built-in ecommerce solutions, but if you're just selling one product quick 'n' simple you may want to consider PayPal?