I was wondering, does providing advertising space on a web site increase visitor traffic?

I have had a lot of people tell me that if we open that avenue on our web site that it will increase the number of people that view our web site and it will make the web site more professional.

Is this true?

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Providing advertising space does not increase visitor traffic. However, it does drastically affect your online presence. Firstly, of course it allows you to make money from your visitors. A good beginning program to do is www.google.com/adsense/ Banner advertising can sometimes be annoying to many visitors, however. Opening up your site to advertising also allows you the opportunity to engage in partnerships with various similar sites and perhaps do a banner exchange (inquire by contacting sites similar to your own) - in that respect, your site can be promoted through advertising.


yea it wont provide more traffic to your website but if you have sufficient traffic on your site sell advertising space and make some extra revenue.

The best way of increasing traffic is to add your link onto anything you can pt it on.

e.g. Email Sigs, Forum Sigs, Directories, Link Exchanges and there are many others.

BUT DON'T SPAM since it is never a option.

Good Luck


If you want traffic, you have to have your links posted in many paid and unpaid websites.
To get traffic, Post in Directories, social bookmarking, squidoo ... I mean there are lots of places where you can drag traffic from..
You can also get oneway links from high PR websites..


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