I would like to share some things we should NOT do when promoting a site

1. Keyword spamming. There are people who use this to "fool" the search engines ... unfortunately they get banned from the SE and that's not what they wanted to achieve I assume

2. Promoting under construction pages. Needless to say more .. finish and promote it, not the other way .. Since people will have a bad opinion about your site.

3. Promoting in link farms ... looks like their glory days have long since passed. It can really ruin your "relationship" with the search engines.

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Those are just a small percentage of the VAST number of things people SHOULD not do when promoting a site. Needless to say, one of them happens everyday in forums... Spam comments that simply say "hey thanks for the nice post". If you want people to respect you then provide quality information and say things that are valuable such as you have done here!!!

Hello jennypitts thanks. can you tell me the mistakes of those we don't do in promotions, other than these?
just i want to share what i know. if you know more share with me.

Exchanging links with quality less and worst sites also affect our link quality.

Nice post but this is just a small amount of things which should be avoided while going for website promotion. There is a vast bunch of things which needs to be avoided while promoting a website.

Yes CygnetInfo, these are the basic mistakes we don't do and their are lot of. here we have to share those mistakes we never do.

Agree, search engine can easily detect and Nullify their affects.

thanks for this usefull post though never tried overflow of any of them :D

Good tips sharing here thanks

I recommend you to increase your page rank, but you automatically link farms or link exchange programs or sites should not join the network. Search engines will penalize you use technology. It is better to start legal ways link exchange and link exchange sites in class quality start. If you exchange links with unrelated class starts, which affect your search engine rankings and could be penalized by search engines.

Agree, search engine can easily detect and Nullify their affects.

I am website owner and what is sid is the absolute fact.

Thanks for noting down the mistakes, Hopefully it will helpful for me to reduce myself from my mistakes.

Do not rely on free web site hosts. They are great if your ISP doesn't offer you space and you want to create a modest homepage just to show you're on the Net, but if you're planning to build a more serious site, I'd say a domain name and a paid host is almost a must. Domains and hosting space are cheap nowadays and they are well worth the money spent on them. First of all, good paid hosts are faster and more reliable than free hosts. Second, a domain name gives your site some authority - it shows you're serious and your site is going to stay around for awhile. This is extremely important if you're trying to sell something, because you'll need to make your visitors feel comfortable to send their money to you.

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