How to use social media for my link building work?

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You need to make your profile at different social media. Then you manage the business pages and join the groups. Participate in discussion and submit your page links.

Yes, social media would work, but consider using forums also as you can find thousands of forum in related niche.

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Go for social Bookmarking. Use dofollow Social Bookmarking sites create your account and bookmark the site you want to do seo on.

Here you can find a list of dofollow social bookmarking sites list.
hope it will help
Best of Luck.

I am not asking about social book marking, am asking about social media like myspace, facebook and twitter.

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I would say your question was confusing. Social Bookmarking is a part of Social Media.


I am not asking about social book marking, am asking about social media like myspace, facebook and twitter.

I wonder how come your question hasn't got a relevant answer till now. Indeed one of the best ways for link building is by using the social media. You should try twitter and facebook to start. On twitter look for bloggers and follow them, you can message them to ask for them to follow back. Look for tweeps who follow back. Now on facebook, add the application networked blogs, and add the widget to your widget, next make a fan page for your website and make your friends like it so that it gets popular. Once you have done that check on networked blogs for other blogs to follow you and you will find other blogs very easily for link exchange. Hope my answer has been of some help.

Submit to directories as well. It will help

Thanks ashfaqk, your answer helped me a lot.

I agree with espsol..... You need to make your profile at different social media. And also join different pages...
Nice thread......................

if you really want to make your social media profile stronger with the help of backlinks, then spread your profile on do follow directories, forums, blogs and social bookmarking sites.

Well adding friends and joining different groups and communities also help to enrich your profile.. Moreover try to give informative content in your posts that you bookmark on social media networks!

Social bookmarking sites can go a long way to help you with link building.. They can increase your online popularity, thus bringing in more and more visitors to your website. If you want the best results, you need to enroll yourself with the top most and most popular social bookmarking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and more.

its just about your own network on different social site, make ur profile proper and than share your own links there as well, it will help you increase the Link building..

Make and maintain you social profile with your own link on it as well.

best way is too make a page of your website or blog.. on twitter facebook myspace and share the links there to get approved backlinks ...

Link building is a search engine Optimization of the most important task. It is often confusing, difficult to find ideas on how to obtain construction started. Link building is the work of the other sites link to your own site. Like everything else in the world with different aspects of quality, you get high quality links shame can really hurt your own website or you can have a good relationship, which will help your rankings tremendously.

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