Since i started internet marketing,i have been introduced to so many ways to promote my products and services,some told me seo is the best,somew say its pay per click(ppc)others mention email marketing while some believe in traffic exchange.

I have tried to use all of them except the ppc and email marketing.The methods i have used so far have produced some good results ,but am not still satisfied because i need the best promotion method that have been tested and proved.

Guys what do you think? whats your own opinion and methods of promotion and marketing that given you excellent results?


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SEO is the best and free method to earn more traffic and get success in business. But need to use experts in business in the project.

Thanks Joelchrist for that tip,i have already been using seo,but am still not satisfied with the results,so i thought there should be a better way or i still need to do more

I suggest you to do some regular submission activities in bookmarking sites, article sites with good and relevant content so that others may feel it interesting.

Thanks for the guide,i think i will try that too

hello,is classified posting not involving money?i think i will try that too

i have tried most of the methods you have listed,but am now on the classified ads method,i hope it goes fine.

you can use yahoo answering , give answer on relevant topics & try to divert to your site. This type of answering site really helpful for targeted visitors....

Yes Andrew,i have heard of yahoo answer so many times,but i have never thought much about it,i think its time to check it out.thanks very much.

Forums are good place for getting traffic and promote your services!

Facebook market is best way to promote your site and is one of the most effective ways to boost traffic.

The best way to promote or market your product depends on the product and the niche market you are targetting.

You need to know what appeals to your niche market, where they hang out etc. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet. It takes time, lots of plannning and market research.
So know your product inside out and highlight all its benefits to your target audience.
Hope that helps.

Getting traffic is actually a game of versatile techniques.I suggest you to use social accounts like twitter and face book

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