Well, I would like to add my 2 cents here.

My site was up for just under 3 weeks and we were banned from AdSense. They said we clicked our own ads. Let me rephrase that, "I" clicked on my own ads. Since "I" am the only one that works for the company and, frankly, .07 cents a click is not worth my time. So, no idea what the issue was, but I switched to Clicksor and it slows my site down tremendously.

Now, I think I will try out some of the other sites you guys are talking about. Any performance issues with some of these sites? I do not care "as" much about the return, I like the banners more for filling in the gaps on the pages.

Thanks for the great input folks!

What kind of other ads can I use on the same page with Adsense? I want to use some kind of affiliate ads, but I don't know whether it's against Google's TOS.

You can generally use non-contextual ads alongside Adsense.

However, it is always worth checking that the second network is allowed by contacting Google direct.

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