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I have been busy reading about yahoo all the week. Here is a piece of information you might find useful.

This is a Nightmare Week for Yahoo. After firing almost 650 Employees, now its confirmed they are Closing Yahoo Buzz , Yahoo Traffic API’s (Yahoo Picks, Yahoo Book Marks, Delicious) and other (Alta Vista, Alltheweb). It’s understood the Decision was made from a Meeting on Earlier this week and its Confirmed now Yahoo Buzz will be closed along with few other services.They did not comment on Delicious in specific but from the comment about Traffic API’s will help us to draw a conclusion that Yahoo will let Delicious go as well.

I was a big Fan of Delicious and the way things are going it seems like I have to look for some good alternatives to replace Delicious.

It seems like we are going into a time of internet marketing consolidation. Yahoo/Microsoft, Google, and Facebook are buying ideas and companies. Then shutting them down.

Yup, I heard about Delicious going bye bye. Not a huge loss IMHO, considering all the other social media bookmarking tools that have far surpassed it.

Great info, Delicious, working good for me.

me also heard by someone that delicious is no more.

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Just an update on this topic...

things seems like took a turn so its safe to say now delicious will be sold but may survive under different owner.

Let's face it. Nothing ever thrives after it changes hands.

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I agree, but there can be some exception!

Good bye Yahoo buzz and Delicious, They where great help in SEO and traffic for my site.

Although delicious is no more but still its really good for me...

Delicious is good and working properly.

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