I saw this interesting post on ClickZ which states only a quarter of women stated that social media influenced purchases. So for us marketers, we may have to restrategize on how we use social media to push our businesses. This finding also illustrates the need to optimize current social media strategize to help push business. So what do you think?

Well personally I would say that's a 25% reach, that's pretty good! I guess you just need to cater to that targeted audience and then figure out a way to reach the other 75% as well.

I agree. I also believe in combining a few different tactics to cater these different segments. Let say, for the ladies: use keyword/keypharse SEM campaign that these ladies will likely use. Then for the remaining 75%, not only use a SEM campaign but do microtargeting and try different ways (and optmizing every so often) like reaching them through facebook ad.

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