Social media, forums posting, and blogging regularly with custom niche content are all good methods. The key is really consistency. Try to do all of these activities a few times a week. If you have the money you can hire an SEO firm but you will need to know what you want them to do for you. There are so many SEO methods that you really need to target the ones which will bring you the best results.

before expecting 3000 visitors to your site please do proper keyword research whether the implemented keywords in your website have many searches or not, if yes please implement all internet marketing strategies.

Its better to use paid version of submission to get better results. Keep tracking of targeted keyword, it also give better result.

Yes, SEO can help a lot in increasing visitors in your site. Classified posting can help a lot in this purpose.

show your website please

I agree with you joelchrist. SEO can increase visitor rates in a site.

A few things what you can do for short time on your own is..

  1. go to check the rank of your website
  2. google for webdirectoies and add your webpage in as many directories as you can
  3. Edit description and keywords attributes of meta tag perfectly
  4. Dont forget to send newsletter

I think if you start SEO, then you can increase the number of visitors to your site.It will ultimately increase the PR of your site.

As suggested if you have money, do some SEO on your site. You can create adword campaigns as well. If money is restrictive and you have lots of time on your hands you can start by going to similar forums to what your site is about and answer questions. After a certain number of posts usually you will be allowed a signature. You can put your company site there to gain more awareness to the web (do check signature rules first though). You can also use answer sites such as yahoo answers and start answering questions related to your site, again dropping a link if it applies to your site. Doing this over and over again will give you more presense online and lets your google ranks climb. Its just dedication, update of content, that will lead to your sites success. Good luck!

You need to follow off page seo to get more traffic for your webstore.

When I was a newbie, I tried almost everything and hardly anyone would visit my site! Then I decided to stop paying for a website that wouldn't pay and went into blogging and decided to follow some very smart advice. You can do wonderful SEO, pay per click, etc. But if you don't have an audience, nothing will work.

1- Who's your target audience? (Determine that quick!)
2-Where do they congretage (go there and start interacting with them in a friendly way)
3-What are their interests (start presenting those things to them in your site, through articles, useful tips, freebies, etc.)
4- Then as you draw them in, sell to them!
That is what helped me.

Wish you well!

Thanks for the idea

for increasing visitors in your web site you can advertise in your web site of social media marketting site.

well create as many backlinks as u can to bring more traffic to ur site and this could only be done through quality SEO work of ur site

Social media is what I'm using right now a LOT. Pinterest, Flickr groups, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Google + is what I use the most. I'm experimenting with TheFancy also.

i think the best way is to use the good content of site..
But other way are much require to increase vistiors you can see this link.
to see <URL SNIPPED>

Only option seo and social media.For paid option you can try ppc for instant visit.

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