Hi all...
I'm new comer here, I'd like to ask something about visitors increasing to my webstore. I want my webstore visited about 3000 visitors per day, any suggestions ?
Thank you very much..

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Do you know about SEO(search engine optimization). The work to get online exposure and traffic. Read about seo and hire expert to do it for your web-store. Then you will gain more traffic.

If You have money then you should start advertising on the search engines. I am sure you will get this much traffic in one day.

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3000 unique visitors a day! You have to stay there for sometimes and need to have good work done with SEO. it depends on many factors like what industry you are in and what keywords you are targeting.

The first things to be done is to have a realistic plan for seo and traffic generation.
create good contents and publish them suing social media channels.

You should prepare yourself to give the process 6 months up to one year to achieve that goal.

Best of luck

If you want inmediatly results, you need adwords or yahoo ads.

What is your website? Can I have a look at it?

The search engine ranks of a website depend on its content and navigation structure. Apart from that, they also depend on off page efforts like social media channels which include Facebook and twitter. The former has a page rank of 10 which is excellent for bringing in visitors.

You can get contacts through the creation of your own Fan Page. Once you add many contacts, you are bound to get visitors on your URL which is mentioned on the Fanpage.

The best content you got, the unique information and design, quality pictures.. help your webpage grow up in google rank.

Get your website with optimised and quality content.Once your site gets indexed you are likey to have good number of visitors in your site.

you can buy traffic or ads.

you can do paid search and social media advertising, ie Google Adwords and Facebook Ads to get traffic. Your other option is to do organic seo and social media marketing which takes longer and is cheaper

You just need to hire a reputed SEO company which shall solve most of your problems. They will carry out a site analysis and offer you solutions which shall help your business to get more traffic.

it also depend on your topic, if topic is interesting then visitors can automatically move toward your site otherwise nothing will work there...

This is too much expectation. First few months daily will be low. Keep doing your SEO works like Directory submission, forum participation, blog commenting. It will increase automatically.

Hey all guys heeso here, you just need SEO work on your site .You need directory submission,social bookmarking,article submissions and a lot more.

Excellent post, couldn't have asked for more!!..

Here are the best ways to increase visitors of your website such as

Target Audience
keyword Density
Add an online store to your website
Add a poll or survey

What is your niche? I did not have too much traffic for the longest time until I really found popularity in my area. Now all I have to do is post frequently and traffic takes care of itself. For example, let's say you have a business blog that sells digital scrapbooking designs (just for the sake of an example)go to all the groups online where scrapbookers congregate and begin to make friends and contacts there, make some knockout designs and prepare some really stunning freebies, some smart tutorials, great time-saving tips and post them all, and with a friendly, non-spamming attitude, invite them to check out your place, tell them you've got some great free stuff they can download, etc. Be visible, be helpful, be warm and courteous, and display your talent in the most attractive way. In no time you will have customers. And if you give them a little gift as a token of appreciation if they spread the workd of mouth on your behalf, you'll have your set goal of 3,000 visitors. It is not good enough to have traffic, you need interested traffic, for that you have to pinpoint where to find it and go after it! You can also look for people in your niche in just about any social site and on Facebook. Meeting, sharing,and at the same time promoting your business. You can reproduce this strategy with just about anything you want to sell!

Hope this helps!

This is the most important thing about how you increase the visitors for the website. The best content you got, the unique information and design, quality pictures.. help your webpage grow up in google rank.

Email Blasts
Affiliate Offers

Those are the best ways to get traffic. SEO in my opinion is the best value but it does take time to get the results. The other ways can be immediate traffic.

Some of the activities to increase your traffic-

1) Article submission
2) Press releases
3) Link-Wheel building
4) PDF submissions in good doc sharing sites

Work hard for one month at least. Try all the SEO tactics. May be you can achieve.

Email Blasting
Video Marketing
Local Marketing

There are numbers of way to increase traffic on your website. If you have financial strong than start advertisement on google and yahoo. consider on pay per click scheme. Get more back links. content on keywords related to your topic. I am sure using all this you got lot of traffic on your website.

Do SEO for your website any company . You will get a traffic and ranking.

You need to employ some SEO, for sure. I think the easiest way to get started as a newbie is to either link or create plugins for social media to your site (Facebook, etc). You can also look into hiring an SEO company. Or, I always suggest researching a little SEO on your own. Good luck.

By the perfect use of search engine optimization, and social networks you can gain more than 3000 visitors on your website.

Hi all...
I'm new comer here, I'd like to ask something about visitors increasing to my webstore. I want my webstore visited about 3000 visitors per day, any suggestions ?
Thank you very much..

Do linkbuilding always, it takes much of your time but its worth it. Link building is advertising and promoting your business online, join facebook and build communities. most traffics came frfom social networking and social bookmarking.

i would like to suggest SEO and online marketing for your website. if you have good budget then you can start PPC Marketing on Various website and Major Search engine.

to increase visitor bring your webpage in front of Google to bring front you use SEO, webdesign, giving traffic and back link etc....

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