Is this possible? I would like to have the paypal shopping cart come up in my site instead of having a popup that looks nothing like my site. Is it possible to build some of the paypal shopping cart system to match my site? I have explored other services such as Verisign, but I haven't found anything affordable for a company I run in my spare time.

You can by either develop your own shopping cart (server side scripting is recommended) or use a third party shopping cart system (my company can provide this service) to handle it. You will have the shopping cart look the same as all your other pages and only redirect your customer to paypal when they checkout.

If you are to use paypal shopping cart, you can modify the HTML code so that it open in the same window (but your customer have to click the Back button on the browser to return to your site). If you are in the US, you can use the new "PayPal Website Payments Pro" service to make paypal completely hidden from your customer. Read paypal website for more details.

Ohhhh okay, thanks, that Paypal pro sounds like what I am looking for. I wouldn't need an SSL with paypal pro would I?

No SSL requird, but there is a charge of $20 per month (if not misstaken).