Do you think YouTube advertisement is useful?

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I agree with your query and moreover,it is called video marketing in web site promotion and easily familiar with this method.

Yes, it is useful if you have any video site.

yes,youtube is useful for advertisement.

yes,youtube advertisement is well.

sure youtube is useful for advertisement and SEO is best for all .

You know I've never even considered it yet. But considering how much traffic the site receives I think it would be very beneficial.

Yes, definitely YouTube advertisement is useful. It is a positive way for promoting your business and to increase the number of visitors to your site.

I've been trying it, But not much luck with it :(

YouTube can be useful from an SEO perspective as Google likely uses video views as a ranking factor for pages, because it is a social indicator.
Another benefit of YouTube is that it can help with SERP (search engine result page) result saturation, because Google will frequently pull videos and put them in the organic search, therefor giving you another outlet for potential customers to see your brand.

Yes it is good for many reasons.

1. Tons of people use youtube

2. It helps in the overall aspect of SEO

Video marketing is really effective. You can place your promotions and other advertisement there. And also, it is more convenient to watch advertisements than to read it.

Well Youtube has a program called Tubetoolbox and it is the best program out of all programs I've used. It can help you with getting subscribers, friends, video views you name it and the best thing is its 9.99 a month.
Here's the link

It's useful if you know how to use it correctly.

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