hi all i am from ireland and i have had nothing but problems when i have tried to set ypn up. i have called up and been diverted all over the place when i tried to set up a TIN. can anyone help me ? i am looking for numbers and email addreses. If you could also tell me in detail anything i would need and how you have went about setting it up. I have several websites and blogs using adsence and i have none with ypn so i want to set a few up and see for myself which is better. thanks

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I assume you are a publisher and you are trying to put advertising on your site through the Yahoo! Publisher Network (aka YPN). Tried YPN once many years ago, but from what I understand it's not nearly as good as Google Analytics. I recall a bunch of people beta testing it at the same time as I was way back when, but I haven't really heard of anyone using it since then. To be honest, I didn't even know it still existed. I don't see it on any websites ever. Are you sure that it IS even possible to sign up for it?

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