Traffic,Traffic,Traffic..:). everybody ask this question must, the best way to get traffic in Off Page SEO techniques is bookmarking sites and networking sites this is fast and good way, otherwise blog commenting, article submission,classifieds submission these are also ways but slow ..

Getting more traffic can be associated with many factors, however the most important is SEO (search engine optimizing) your website. There are several factors under search engine optimization to be taken care of. There are many websites teaching you how to effectively optimize your websites.

It all lies in creating quality content to your site. Submit articles in directories and create backlinks out of it.

write high quality content and do guest posting on the big sites

There is no short cut to get more visitors to your website all you need to do is hard work. You should spend time on reviewing the site by yourself . You can do these things by yourself or hire some SEO to do this for you. I will suggest you the following points.
1. Your site should not contain any copied materials.
2. Your site should contain proper keywords and meta tags.
3. Your site should have quality backlinks from different extensions of the domain not just form .com but form .org , .info , .biz etc.
4. Your site should be listed in major directories like demoz and yahoo directory .
5. Your site should be submited to all the search engines of this planet.
6. Your site must not have any broken links.
7. Your site should have robot.txt file .
8. Your site must contain site map as it helps to major search engines to crawl your webpages easily.
And rest of the things depends on your luck and the way or your advertisement. Also your site must be user friendly so that same visitors visits again and again. Thanks

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