How to make a website SEO friendly ?

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Be sure to follow the SEO rules and don't attempt to make used of Black Hat SEO because your site can be banned from Search Engines. Backlinks will also help.

You'll want to check keyword density, meta tags, content, and your page-loading speed. All of these are factors in getting your site ranked for on-page SEO. Then, there's a whole other side of rankings with off-page SEO.

There are may rules of google for website optimization that i cannot tell you here
visit google webmaster central for full repoart

Start with on page and off page optimization of your website.
And do take care of Google guidelines.

Try to do link building through articles, forums etc.
It will help you a lot.

Provide quality content on your website keeping in mind the keyword density factor!

Just follow all the seo guidelines to your website and do some seo activities for the website.

One tip I can give you is, keep the background white, that is an extremely key factor!

There are two aspects;
1/ on page seo where you are using keywords and strategically placing them with bold an italics.
2/ Off page seo which is effectively the engine behind the site.

There is a lot of info here on this forum if you read through it to give you a good appreciation.
As with most things there are differing opinions so no one is definitely right and also the rules change! Bit frustrating but interesting to say the least.
It is a big subject and there are website design classes to help but learning website design is a big and involved field that you will have to assimilate in stages to grasp it. Keep at it though and you will progress.

Remember to follow the rules and do not try to use SEO Black Hat SEO because your site can be banned by search engines. It will also help back.

Write some good articles, make blog

to make website seo friendly firs you should design your website under w3c standered. your site should be free from all html and css error. validate your website on w3c. if you succeed to get w3c certificate. your site is seo friendly.

your website ranking follow these steps 1.create meta tags 2.create robots.txt
first step enter these words in (creat free meta tags)then creat your website title name, your website description , your web site related key words ,and robots follow index .then put meta tags(center)in your website <head>center</head>.

create your website site map in xml format ( enter these words.create xml sitemap)
then put your site map in your website server
then put site map in
(yohoo and bing also available webmaster tools)

last method of website ranking create robots.txt file ( enter words creat robots.txt)
put robots.txt file in your server

your website ready for the ranking

create robots.txt file in text format ( enter these words) khan)

Thanks for sharing i`ll work on my website right now

do basic onpage seo work for your website first

First focus on your keywords and keyword density but don't sacrifice your message. Write your content like you were writing to a friend. Let your creativity take over and write from your heart. Focus on what you want to say and don't worry about optimizing your web page content until you are completely satisfied with your message.

Once you have nailed down your content then utilize the meta tags keywords, description and title. Use your keywords when naming your pages and also for paragraph headings.

Also use Seo Friendly Urls. Keywords in <h1> tags (there should be only one <h1> title on the page), than in <h2>, <h3>. Keywords in image title. Try to get links from directories, blogs, forums with high PR. While building back links focus on pages with similar content like yours.

Well make put fresh, informative and quality content on your website.. Also it should be relative to your domain..

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Hello There,

That's a very board question. I am assuming you are at Beginner level for SEO.

1. Do Keyword Research (What's are your target keywords)
2. Keep your website Structure organized.
3. Optimize Contents (Text, alt text, Meta Text etc)
4. Make sure your site is indexed to search engines.
5. Create links by submitting Directory, Forum, Blog,Social Media Marketing, Exchange etc.
6. Update contents regularly.

There is many things but it can give you a good start of SEO.

Best of luck.

Yes, following white hat is one thing other thing is that if you make sites using Wordpress then think that half of the work is done.

Well is there any alternative to wordpress which we can use for blogging purpose?

Good content is the best way to make a seo friendly website....

When you are writing a content for your website check the content in It will show you that the content is copied or not......

first you need to to onpage optimization. add discription, keword research metatags ets, after that do offpage seo

first you need to to onpage optimization. add description, keword research metatags etc, after that do offpage seo

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