Does anyone here know any alternatives to Google Analytics?

I have tried Statcounter, but they only allow me to save up to a limited number for log files, if I want to save more than 500 visits, it costs a bomb.

Would be best if the hit counter records very specific results.

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Try to use Awstat. It is also a good tool for tracking your visitor.

I think if you are targeting Google for business then Google Analytics is good enough in comparison to other stat providers.

You can check with Piwik which is considered good alternative of google analytics.

You can also consider using the Clicky stats program. It is not free, but will not cost like the statcounter. And it is AJAX based with reports that appear more like GA reports.

I'd prefer web-based, javascript trackers. Thank for all your input.

You can also try to use the statcounter.

If you want to know exactly where on your web page visitors click to, you may consider CrazyEgg.

I like Google Analytics i mean what else do you really need. Google Analytics has it all

We use A1WebStats as it tells us the details of any companies that have visited the website.

Awstat is one of the best in my opinion :) You should try it. Im using it and Im very happy

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