How to get links from Social networks? What is the benefit if we follow up other's page?

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To get links from social networking sites basically you have some meaningful content and it should supply any information to the reader.

Put Twitter and Facebook widgets on your pages the same we have here at DaniWeb. You can also use scripts such as to instantly offer buttons encouraging users to syndicate your content on social media websites.

I'm not sure what you mean by what the benefit is if you follow up other's pages?? Huh???

To do so, you have to share valuable content from your site. In Facebook, what some experts do is they import their article in the "notes" feature in Facebook and create backlinks within the post. In Twitter, basically they just tweet whatever their new content is. But the truth is, most social networks like Twitter are no-follow sites. They're effective for branding and getting traffic going to your website.

create network on twitter,FB, friendster, friendfeed, Stumbleupon and linkedin. These are very good social networks for link back.

1) try to actively participate in the activities on the others profile and posts. 2)Create your profile page with totally in non-promotional way.
3) add others networks links also on your profile page like follow me on twitter.
4) interlink all the networks
5) add in your blog posts
6) Make popular your post
7) rank your post on given target keyword
8) rank well in Google

Proper managing of social accounts will help you a lot such as creating a remarkable and strong website fan page and tweets updates in your sites. Of course, you need to do SEO in your website for more traffic and good page rank. At least you maintained well your site and appear good feedback in all of the social accounts.

I agree with martinbrown's post..

How to get links from Social networks?

just drop your link into your profile information

We can submit blog , articles and videos with best and attractive information on different social sites. And this way we can get links from social sites.And we can get reviews from people and make conversation with them and engage them to our site ,and we can get traffic also to our site.

content is KING - if you make it unique, relevant, and worthwhile, your will undeniably gain a following.

Like getting links form Social Networking website will be less part of Link juice you will get.Make sure to share Fresh Content into Social Networks for retrieving traffic and adding like bustton into your content - to share some other user on their profile wall.

make blogs on social networking websites and put your links and write some content of your site you will definitely get more traffic.One of the site i am using is fan2go

We can get more backlinks from social networks by increasing followers of our sites social networks.

if you post interesting things in your twitter and facebook updates, then chances are people will going to visit your site.

It's very easy to get link from social networking site. Open account ,put some information about your site, follow other member's page & obviously include social plug link to your site.
It's very useful methods to get quick 'follower' by using following other site.

I also agree with martinbrown...

You write interesting pieces or content that will make people share what you have written on their social networks. It will then go viral from there. But the hard part is creating that interesting content.

Share your posts on Social Media sites.

Create network page in social media websites like facebook and wallpost and dont forget to insert homepage link. automatically you will get backlink to your website.

Social media site can give you profile link and you can also earn links by sharing quality sharing.

Social media can play an important role in your online marketing as a way to engage your target audience, but it can also be used in your link building strategy when you know what you’re doing.

It differs from each site, you an share your valauble content to people on network, it gives you links. Also you can place it on your author bio , website section.

Plenty of ways, one of the best is article posting on social networking sites. Now most of the sites giving the oppurtunity of article posting with backlink

As an Example wallpost , Apsense and more.........

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