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We are running a website, we would like to make use of the social networking sites like twitter, facebook and stumble upon.... can any one plz suggest us the best ways to use these website to increase the site popularity. it would be very help full for us.....

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You can do what we do, which is have Tweet buttons and Facebook Like buttons on every page. There are also sites such as AddThis.com which make it easy to add one snippet of JavaScript code to your page and have buttons for like 20 different social media sites.

I do agree with you, but do not forget the power of RSS feed submitting and social book marking. They work great. I almost put them anywhere in my website.

But I am always ready to learn more about social media.

Thank you

Social is being widely used on a large scale ,therefore if we generate a big network of friends which are interested in topic will help a lot in generating traffic.At the same time all the users come to know about the website and some also visits them.Some of the friends suggest other friends about the site and the site becomes popular.Post about your blogs,updates regularly to attract some attention of the users.

Good quality content is essential to improve your website popularity, a good a simple design is also a plus. Be creative and share your updates through your social networks, in your blog invite people to join the conversation through comments and add social media buttons and RSS so people could give the buzz. Follow other blogs and participate on them, mutual collaboration is the key to improve popularity through social networks.

Social Media spread widely, so if we produce a wide network of friends who are interested in the subject will help a lot in creating traffic.At same time all users know about the site and some even make their visit. Suggest some other friends of friends on the site and the site becomes popular.Post on your blogs, updated regularly to attract some attention for users.

Social Media is a way to gain traffic and exposure. Just like SEO and PPC if done correctly can be very beneficial.

yeah indeed social networking is a great way to boost up your site

Improve the quality of the content. Use the social media effectively, dont be aggressive , avoid being considered as spam and most of all make your presence everywhere.

create a facebook fanpage and twitter account for your website, then start increasing your 'like' hits on your facebook fanpage and your twitter followers. And then, share your website's content using these social medias

Yo u must go through Intrnet marketing tips and strategies.

There are lots of marketing opportunities in social media. But please let yourself or the one who will manage the Internet Marketing to learn and understand the social media marketing first. There are many reliable resources available in Internet. Great posts and discussion about social media were presented and published. You can even include social media links in your website.

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