i have get a new website ,the address is <snip> ,so i want to know how to make it more popular?

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To make your site popular, you can improve your website content, you can do submissions in social networking sites, you can post good articles and also try to tell as much as your friends about your website.

Submit to social bookmarking and feed directory. easy and effective

Link Building will help your website rank higher in SERP's which will help you in increase the traffic of the website.SMO will also help you a lot in getting some traffic.People will come to know about your site.Also add some good and attractive content which will help a lot in attracting traffic.

Social media marketing will surely help your site become more popular. You can try building your website fan page in Facebook and tweet each website update in Twitter for possible retweets from other users. But then remember that you should build a remarkable and efficient business fan page as well as insert related tag in each tweet. Another thing is SEO which will generate traffic to your site. This will burst your site lots of visitors.

You should think about promoting your site on social networking sites, create blog content with content related to your website, create the event the game on your website to attract visitors. ..

i think social media like facebook, twitter, linkedin and other social media sites are best source to promote your site.

well, like all other sources, concentrate more on social media marketing. it would be real useful.

Most importantly your site should forfill a need, improving efficiency, distracting ones self ect. Then you have to seperate your site from the others, originality isnt dead yet. As many other people said link building and social media are tools that shouldnt be forgotten. Also simplicity is key, easy to navigate and look at. Everyone hates a site with to many bells and whistles but no substance

I think you should promote it on social media and also start ads posting on free classified ads site hopefully you will get good results.

Start writing blogs and articles about your market field with unique and meaningful information and submit those on social media and get people response and do conversation with them and give update day by day.

Update your webiste regularly. Use the social media technique like Facebook, Twitter.. Etc. And Video marketing like youtube.

I always recommend implementing a social media marketing campaign. Have you considered plugins to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. directly on your site? This is a great way to get the word out about your business. Best of luck to you.

To make your website popular do

Have you done any SEO? There are lots of things that you can do. Social media like Facebook and Twitter is proven effective.

To make your website popular you should post good context and make your website attractive.

Making your website popular means driving traffic to it and that seems to be the main thing online. You need to use social medial like Twitter and Facebook. Do a lot of SEOs and above all, get good content for your website. You may check fiverr for cheap services

Submit to social bookmarking and feed directory. easy and effective

Agreed, social bookmarking is the most effective way to get a new site started, especially for someone just starting out.

Promote your sites regularly and do off page optimization of your site.

As per my knowledge, Do some social media marketing that'll help you and make sure the content of your site is unique.

i have get a new website ,the address is <snip> ,so i want to know how to make it more popular?

I think promoting in social networking sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin sites and to post in popular bookmarking sites like Digg, reddit, delicious will help to get your site popular.

Promotion with social bookmark and sosial network but have to balance that quality your content in your blog or site.

Try to search other members' posts iin this forum, man!
By the way:
1) Article submission
2) Directory submission
3) Blog comments
4) Reciprocal links with similar website
5) Press release submission
6) Web 2.0
7) Social bookmarking submission
8) Forum posting with signatures

Try Press release,a powerful promotion technique,to increase the popularity of your website.

Look around for other sites in your niche that have better traffic than you. If they are willing you can write content for them in exchange for a link to your site.

According to me Social Media marketing will help you a lot. Try to do more and more bookmarking, that will help you get quality back links.

There is a lot of way on making your website become popular.Internet marketing affiliate marketing etc.you can use them to make your website to be popular.

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By adding interesting content, articles, social bookmarking and social media sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn are also good to promote your site.

use social network integration to get your web site more popular.

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The web has grown to be a digital jungle, where each website must aggressively fight for popularity and traffic. When a great design can get you to attract people to visit your website on this way you can increase your website. Here are great tips that you can use to manage that:
Social media submission
Optimize your site
Directory submission
Blog posting
I hope you should increase your traffic and your website become popular as soon as possible.:icon_evil:

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